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The G A R D E N S- the leading provider of cremations. 

           Viewings, Witness Insertions,

     Life Celebrations, Memorial Services

                  In-House Celebrant 



The Gardens Crematory offers a state-of-the-art crematory, including viewing room. Our viewing room is available for all families that wish to say their final goodbyes to their loved ones.


Witness Insertions 

Witness Insertions are also available at The Gardens Crematory. A Witness Insertion allows for a family to view their loved one as they are inserted into the cremation chamber. 


Life Celebrations and Memorial Services 

Here at The Gardens Crematory, we believe that every life is meaningful and deserves to be celebrated. For this reason, we also provide life celebrations and memorial services. Our viewing room is available for small, intimate life celebrations, and memorial services. There is ample space for catering, and equipment. The room comes equipped with a flat screen TV and DVD player.


Celebrant Services:

Kele Ward, Funeral Celebrant and Ordained Minister serving Southern California

As a certified funeral celebrant and is trained to be a funeral consultant who plans a ceremony that fits the family and the deceased.  She create unique services. Each service is framed around the lifestyle and personality of the individual. I build my service around the stories of their life. She can write a service with or without religious or spiritual elements to it. She is  here to honor the family, their wishes, and always the deceased. 

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